List of internships in Malaysia

Finding an internship in Southeast Asia can be quite challenging, but it’s definitely worth the effort. To give you some ideas where you can apply, I compiled this list of firms & organizations that offer internships or have previously had interns. In case you know of other internship opportunities feel free to post the in the comment section. For the latest internship offers in Southeast Asia visit the facebook group “Internships in Southeast Asia – Praktikum in SĂĽdostasien”!


NGOs, Foundations & Others

Disclaimer: This is a random selection of internship offers. I do not know about the quality of these offers nor do I have any relation to them apart from the fact that I know they exist.

One thought on “List of internships in Malaysia

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  1. Check out the following NGOs:

    JUST International, Petaling Jaya;
    Yayasan1Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
    (both are leaning politically with government; Google Chandra Muzaffar and Anas Zubedy),

    Pusat Komas, Petaling Jaya (Opposition, Human Rights)
    COAC (Center of Orang Asli Concerns; Indigenous People), Subang Jaya
    Amnesty International Malaysia, Petaling Jaya

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