Accommodation in KL: Where to stay?

Accommodation in KL can be very inexpensive if you are only looking for a simple and basic room. These rooms are available for less than 100 Euros. However, most interns prefer to live in a condo and have some amenities such as a gym, pool and air condition. In this case prices start at around 150 Euros (750 Ringgit) for a common room (which means it comes without an attached bathroom). Prices go up to 2000 Ringgit for a Master bedroom in an exclusive and fancy condo. But it’s definitely possible to find something nice in the price range between 800 and 1200 Ringgit. The most popular website for finding rooms in KL, ibilik, has many offers in this price range.

What to Keep in Mind?

  • Make sure you ask if all utility costs are included or if there are any extra costs
  • If you use an agent they will usually charge you a small extra fee for their services
  • If you have to pay a deposit make sure you get a receipt
  • If something sounds too good to be true, be careful… google the place or agent to get more information about possible problems
  • Prices are not always fixed, so you might be able to bargain and get a slightly cheaper price
  • Sometimes people will aks you to find a replacement once you move out -> this might cause problems for you later in case you can’t find anyone
  • Busses in KL are a hassle, so make sure you have good access to a LRT or Monorail station. The KTM service is a bit unreliable, so I would only recommend the KTM for travelling the 4 stops between Putra and KL Sentral, as the two KTM lines meet there and the trains run more frequently

Popular Areas for Interns

Locationwise it’s definitely advisable to stay somewhere close your office and to public transportation (LRT, Monorail or KTM), since otherwise the commute might take you ages. Apart from these two factors, staying close to the city center is also preferable, since you’re very likely to spend quite some time meeting friends there. Depending on the work place, popular areas for interns are Bukit Bintang, around KLCC and next to Putra/PWTC.


The area around the Twin Towers is of course very popular, not only with interns. This modern part of the city offers good access to public transportation, a large variety of shopping malls and only a short distance to Bukit Bintang, where one can spend a great night out. Due to its location, prices can be a bit higher around here, but if you’re willing to spend the extra ringgit, there are many new and modern luxury condos around KLCC.

PWTC/Putra (Chow Kit)

Honestly, Chow Kit is not the most beautiful area to stay, but it doas have some advantages that might be reason enough to stay there. First of all, the location is not too far from the city centre. Secondly, the infrastructure is very convenient. The LRT station “PWTC” and KTM station “Putra” provide easy and cheap access to public transportation. The “Chow Kit” station isn’t too far away either, so public transportation wise it’s definitely one of the best areas to stay.

Even though it’s not a fancy area, it’s quite popular with interns, due to its strategic location. That means it’s easy to get to know people to hang out with. There are a few condos in the area, such as Villa Putera, Villa Puteri (lots of interns are staying here), Bistari and, the most modern one, Regalia, which are located basically next door to the KTM and LRT stations. What makes the location even more convenient is the Sunway Putra Mall, which only opened this summer. It comes with a lots of nice shops, a couple of good restaurants, Daiso and a good-sized supermarket.

View from Bistari Condo
View from Bistari Condo

Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang is the cafe and bar area in downtown KL. The location is very central, with good access to public transportation and offers lots of nice places to go and hang out after work.

Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang

Other Options

Of course, there are many more great places to stay for interns, apart from the ones mentioned above. Many interns are, for example, staying at Pantai Panorama condo, close to Universiti LRT station. It has a central location and a beautiful pool area.

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  1. Hi, im planing to go in intership in september 2018, but i need totalne with me my little dotcher. Do you know How much Can cost a crèche for 3-years-old child there???


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