How to easily make friends abroad

I remember all the times when I arrive in a new country and at first everything is new and exciting. But after a few days or weeks I usually get to a point where I feel that it would be just so much nicer to share these experiences with someone else. The only problem was that I didn’t know anyone in that country. After feeling lonely for some time I gradually became an expert in meeting new people and making friends. These are the things that work best for me: Continue reading “How to easily make friends abroad”

How to be a sustainable traveller, save money and have a better travel experience

I recently attended a 12 day Summer University on sustainable tourism in Slovenia and Croatia which was organized and funded by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)*. In this post I am going to share some tips of how to travel more sustainably – many of these I actually implemented myself during this trip!

Continue reading “How to be a sustainable traveller, save money and have a better travel experience”

5 freemover scholarships for studying in Southeast Asia

This is probably one of the most important topics for everyone planning to study abroad. Pretty much all universities offer their own scholarship programs and this should definitely be the first place to look for funding. However, especially freemovers often can’t find suitable scholarships, which is why I have put together this list that can help you finance your semester abroad in Southeast Asia. Continue reading “5 freemover scholarships for studying in Southeast Asia”

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